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Dr. Sara Levine, employing the research proven Shapedown program, will guide your family in creating a healthy approach to weight management.  Shapedown is a unique 10 week plan that fosters the development of achievable eating habits and exercise goals for the entire family.

The family approach to weight management is what makes Dr. Levine’s program unique and effective. Research has shown repeatedly that without a family approach, all treatments, including diet, exercise, behavioral approaches, are ineffective and temporary.  

What can this program do for me?


  • Establish healthy eating habits
  • Feel better about your body and yourself
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Enjoy a more active lifestyle
  • Change your life


  • Improve your parenting skills
  • Stop feeling guilty and frustrated about your child’s weight
  • Create better communication within your family
  • Improve your health as you build a healthy lifestyle together with your family

Is there a diet?
No.  Diets typically cause children to feel deprived, and as a consequence, overeat.  Diets for children and teens can also be hazardous.  Rapid weight loss or strict diets can affect growth and development, promote binge eating, slow metabolism and result in weight gain.  We do not recommend a diet.  Instead, we change your lifestyle with a moderate food intake that provides essential nutrients. 

What about exercise?
Shapedown stresses overall fitness, including endurance, flexibility, and strength.  Children and parents develop a more active lifestyle and replace television and sedentary habits with other more active pursuits. 

Why see a Physician for weight loss?
There are numerous medical consequences of obesity.  Obese children and teens have an increased prevalence of respiratory problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, bone and joint difficulties, diabetes, and irregular menstrual cycles.   If overweight children and teens do not have these problems, they remain at increased risk of developing them as adults. An in-depth evaluation by a physician trained in pediatric obesity can help detect these problems in their early stages and help coordinate appropriate multidisciplinary care for any problems should they arise.

What else is addressed?
A wide range of strategies help the child and parent take care of their emotional and physical health.  We help families target the underlying issues that fuel a child’s excessive appetite for food.  Psychological factors are addressed.  Stigmas are erased.  New life changing habits are created, and new communication techniques empower families to keep these habits for life.

Program Effectiveness
Controlled studies have shown that when families participate in SHAPEDOWN, there is significant improvement in weight, self esteem, depression, diet and exercise habits and weight management knowledge.  Progress will vary, depending on how open to change the child and family are.  Research has shown repeatedly that without a family approach, all treatments, including diet, exercise, behavioral approaches, are ineffective and temporary.  It is only by building on the strength of the family that our program has its long lasting effect on weight and total family health. 

Program Cost
We customize every patient’s care to best address their needs.  Some families benefit will be greatest within a group session format.  Others require private counseling sessions.  This is a joint decision made by the physician and family after a comprehensive initial evaluation.

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